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Development Audio Introduces the Cymatics 6 Stand-Mount Loudspeaker

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Development Audio Introduces the Cymatics 6 Stand-Mount Loudspeaker

Development Audio is thrilled to announce the launch of its inaugural product, the Cymatics 6 stand-mount loudspeaker. This milestone project signifies a significant achievement for the brand as it ventures into the world of high-end audio.

Founded by Luke Creek, Development Audio is driven by a mission to deliver traditional Hi-Fi loudspeakers, leveraging the best in technology acquired over three decades of apprenticeship in the audio industry. The ethos behind the Cymatics 6 prioritises simplicity, adopting a minimalist approach to typology and design that ensures these speakers attain the coveted ‘easy to live with’ accolade.

“We are excited to present the Cymatics 6,” remarked Luke Creek, Founder of Development Audio. “Our commitment to excellence in sound reproduction, combined with thoughtful aesthetic design, proudly sets an aspirational standard in the world of High-end loudspeakers.”

This launch is just the beginning for Development Audio and its parent company, Step Deeper Ltd. Expect to see further innovations and developments throughout the year.

For updates and additional information, please stay connected, and watch this space.

About Development Audio:

Development Audio, founded by Luke Creek, is dedicated to delivering premium Hi-Fi loudspeakers crafted with cutting-edge technology and a commitment to modern aesthetics. With a focus on minimalist signal interference and exceptional performance, Development Audio aims to harmonise the audio experience for enthusiasts worldwide.

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