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Modern Slavery Statement


Development Audio recognises the ongoing issue of modern slavery and human trafficking worldwide. As a responsible business, we are committed to ensuring that we do not contribute to or tolerate modern slavery in any form within our operations or supply chains.

Our Business

Development Audio is a leading provider of audio and video equipment, serving a diverse range of clients in various sectors, including education, entertainment, hospitality, and retail. We are committed to providing high-quality products and services while operating ethically and responsibly.

Our Policies

We have developed policies and procedures to prevent modern slavery in our operations and supply chains. These include:

  • Recruitment and employment policies that adhere to relevant laws and regulations.
  • A code of conduct that outlines our expectations for ethical behaviour from our employees and suppliers.
  • Due diligence processes for identifying and mitigating risks of modern slavery in our supply chains.
  • A whistleblowing policy that encourages employees and suppliers to report any concerns related to modern slavery or human trafficking.
  • Training programs for our employees to raise awareness of the issue of modern slavery and human trafficking and to understand their responsibilities in preventing it.

Our Supply Chain

We recognises that modern slavery can exist in any part of the supply chain, and we are committed to working with our suppliers to prevent it. We expect all suppliers to adhere to our code of conduct, which includes provisions on preventing modern slavery and human trafficking. We assess and monitor our suppliers regularly to ensure compliance with our expectations.

We have identified specific areas of our supply chain that may be at higher risk of modern slavery, such as the production of raw materials, and we have implemented due diligence processes to mitigate these risks.

We have also taken steps to reduce our reliance on suppliers in high-risk countries and sectors and to increase our use of suppliers who have demonstrated a commitment to preventing modern slavery.

Our Performance

We are committed to continuous improvement in preventing modern slavery and human trafficking. We regularly review our policies, procedures, and supply chains to ensure they remain effective in preventing these issues.

We have not identified any instances of modern slavery or human trafficking within our operations or supply chains in the past year.


Development Audio is committed to preventing modern slavery and human trafficking in all aspects of our business. We will continue to work with our employees, suppliers, and stakeholders to ensure that we operate ethically and responsibly, and we will report on our progress in our annual reports.